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ALEKS Math Madness is back!

ALEKS Math Madness is back!

ALEKS Math Madness is returning to WAY Michigan. ALEKS Math is a support program we offer for students to improve their skills in mathematics. For the last two years we have participated in this event with the other WAY Academy schools.

The Kickoff begins December 1st through the 15th. The top 3 students with the most learned topics will receive a prize. We will be competing against the other WAY Academy schools from January 6th until May 10th. The championship round is held May 11th through 31st.

WAY Michigan competed in the championship round both years so far and hope to continue this year. If your student is interested in getting support in Mathematics please call the office at 313-638-2716 or email us at And don't forget  to check more information on the file below.

First page of the PDF file: WAYALEKSMathMadness2019-20