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Class Speaker Competition

Class Speaker Competition

WAY Michigan is working to create our first virtual graduation slideshow for our graduates this year. We are holding a Senior Class speech competition. We would like to offer the opportunity for students to write or record a speech for the slideshow. Submissions must be turned in to our director, James Middleditch by May 15th. The speech must meet the following requirements:  

  • 5-10 minutes in length
  • Can be written or recorded. If it is written our director will be doing a voice over for the speech. 
  • An original work that highlights their student experience and how WAY has helped them. 

Here are “The 10 Most Popular Graduation Speech Topics” that you can use to help write your speech: 

  1. Thank teachers and your parents or other family members for their support, encouragement, help, aid or personal assistance during your years of studying. 
  2. Praise the accomplishments and achievements of the class. 
  3. Reflect upon the past years, what has changed and is interesting enough to share with all? 
  4. Mention funny and exciting events, you can opt for funny one-liners or even small innocent jokes, poems or quotations from famous people if you like.
  5. Motivate your fellow students and teachers and to look to the future. 
  6. Give advice but avoid boring and totally not surprising clichés. 
  7. Entertain by telling humorous anecdotes and vivid stories. Offer an account of an interesting or humorous incident. 
  8. Express the feelings of the class. But do not go over the top. 
  9. Say farewell to all attendees. This acknowledgment at parting is the warming-up for the next and final step. 
  10. Wish the graduates of your class all the best and thank them for listening.

If there is anything else you think would be good for me to include please let me know. Thank you for your time,