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Graduate Spotlight: Isis Gibson, Class Speaker 2020!

Graduate Spotlight:  Isis Gibson, Class Speaker 2020!

Graduate Spotlight:

Isis Gibson, Class Speaker 2020

Plans after graduation:  

Attend Albion College as a Finance major!

Colleges Accepted: 

Albion College, Adrian College, Alma College, Arizona State University, Central Michigan University, Cleveland State University, Eastern Michigan University, Denison University, Ferris State University, Johnson & Wales University, Kalamazoo College, Kansas State University, Lawrence Tech University, Lake Superior State University, Oakland University, and Saginaw Valley State University.

Scholarships Received: 

  • Albion College: $55,545
  • Alma College: $54,000
  • Central Michigan University: $12,200
  • Ferris State University: $11,600
  • Johnson & Wales: $18,000
  • Lawrence Tech University: $9,000
  • Lake Superior State University: $12,400
  • Oakland University: $4,000

Favorite Memory at WAY Michigan: 

The time my brothers and I went to the WAY building to do our work in February and I felt down about my SAT score but Ms. Joy and Mr. James found a quick solution for me to retake it and I felt that they genuinely cared about how I felt in that moment. I felt I didn't have a chance of getting into colleges that interest me. 

Words of Wisdom for Future Students: To future students, stay focus and keep your eyes on your goal. That is the key to graduating successfully!

Special Thanks to: 

Ms. Jackee, Ms. Joy, Mr. James, my team leader Ms. Stacy, my mentor Uncle Ben (lol my brothers and I call him uncle) and to my family! You all have played a huge part in my Junior and Senior years!