New Project: Tell It Your WAY

New Project: Tell It Your WAY

We would like to introduce our new project for WAY Michigan students called Tell It Your WAY!

This project was created with researchers' stories in mind! This project will walk researchers through their choice of product: either a speech or a personal testimonial about their educational journey with WAY Michigan. Normally a researcher would complete ALL modules of a project. However, this project is a little different, as each researcher will choose only one of the 2 modules to complete along with the Final Product option that matches that module (module #1 for speeches with Final Product option #1 for speeches. Likewise, Module #2 for written testimonials along with Final Product option #2 for written testimonials).

If they choose to create a speech, they will be walked through brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing/revising, practicing, and recording their speech! It will be peer-reviewed by their mentor or team leader and, once perfected, will be sent to the Superintendent for publishing on our WAY Michigan website!

If they choose to write a testimonial, they will also walk through the brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and editing/revising/proofreading stages of the writing process before having it peer-reviewed and then sent to the Superintendent for publishing on our WAY Michigan website. 

This is an amazing opportunity for researchers to show what they have learned with WAY Michigan and to share their personal journeys. We look forward to hearing each story our researchers have to tell!

Click here to see the project.