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WAY Michigan Point of Pride

WAY Michigan Point of Pride

One of our students has recently received her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification. Alyce is getting ready to graduate in December from WAY Michigan. She has been meeting regularly with our paraprofessional, Ms. Jackee’ Patterson, who had encouraged her to complete the CNA testing.

We asked Alyce to write a few words about her accomplishments.

"In your darkest moment it might feel like things can't go your way or take forever," she wrote, "but with some hard work and motivation, the sky is the limit in the things you can accomplish." She also thought it was important to thank the people that helped her achieve success: "A special thanks for my son for motivating everything I do and thanks to my grandma and Jackee' Patterson for never giving up on me".

Our Assistant Director James Middleditch stated that her success was a point of pride for the school. "We are happy to see one of our students complete the Certified Nursing Assistant Certification while attending WAY Michigan", he said. "This student has shown significant growth over the last year and we are proud to help guide her on her journey to post-high school planning."

Mr. Middleditch ended by confirming how important it is for WAY Michigan to help students to set goals for the future: "Our goal is to provide individualized learning that leads to setting goals for after high school", he pointed out. "Now this student can start working as a CNA and hopefully continue her education in the health care field."

Thank you, Alyce, for trusting us, and good luck!