Our Model

Engaging And Encouraging

At WAY Michigan, we believe learning should be engaging and encouraging to students. It should encourage self-esteem, independence, and develop 21st century skills. Our approach is built on three core components.

Project Based Learning

Students explore authentic, engaging, and real-world problems.

Competency Based Learning

Students progress by mastering learning standards in their courses.

Online Learning

Students work online for their courses.

Our Model

At WAY Michigan, we offer grades 6 - 12. Here are some key features of our school:

  • Diploma - Students are on a path towards a high school diploma
  • Online live sessions - Live online sessions average only 5 - 10 students
  • Mentor support - Mentors monitor students progress and make daily contact with students
  • Team Leader support - Team Leaders removes any barriers to learning
  • Centric - Students and parents can use Centric to access the curriculum and grading online
  • Technology provided - The computer and internet connection are provided to students

WAY Vocabulary

To help our students see learning differently, we use different words for traditional school terms.

  • Projects - Coursework
  • Mentor - Learning coach
  • Expert - Certified teacher, online & in-person
  • Researcher - Student
  • Team Leader - Student learning advocate
  • Lab - School classroom