E. PARKER (Student)

YATES (Student)




I would like to begin with a huge thank you to WAY Michigan and their staff for being not only extremely helpful, but understanding and caring as well. I had enrolled in the WAY Program back in January of 2015. Being new to online school, it was quite a difficult adjustment but the staff had helped me tremendously along the way. Not only was I able to graduate and receive my diploma, but I was also able to maintain good grades and a great GPA. 

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I appreciate all the communications and extra effort WAY has put into trying to get my researcher moving forward. The sessions with his mentor have made a tremendous impact. Please thank her for making and keeping him accountable. The extra help that you are providing is greatly appreciated! I will try hard on this end to keep him engaged. Stay safe.

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I actually became pregnant while I was attending, and I stopped going for a pretty long while. My mentor kept contacting me and I would give a different excuse, but truthfully, I didn't have it in me anymore. Almost like I didn't care. Nevertheless, I was able to put my head back on track and I graduated 8 months pregnant.

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I joined the WAY Program because I got sick during high school. At first, I transferred to a different online school that wasn’t the right fit for me. The project-based style of the WAY Program helped me immensely. The live lessons were helpful and made me feel less alone in an online school. The WAY Program is very different from other online schools, I’m very grateful for the time I had in it. It allowed me to graduate on time after struggling with my illness.

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